Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is fast becoming the most popular form of security and safety fencing around swimming pools. As a stylish and contemporary fencing solution you cannot beat glass. The applications are endless, in and around pools, balconies, balustrading and gates. We use only the highest quality latches, connections and other components giving you a finish that is sturdy and will last the test of time.

Glass fencing allows you uninterrupted views of your pool and beyond whilst still fulfilling all the requirements of Australian pool safety regulations. You can be assured that our fences will comply with any local council regulations.

Pool fencing comes in frameless and semi-framed design options, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your application and price. As the names indicate frameless is attached to the ground with stainless steel spigots and connections giving you a clear view of your pool or any other views. Semi-frameless has aluminium tubing between the panels of glass. This tubing can be powder coated in a variety of colours we have available. Once considered to be expensive, glass fencing has become more affordable due to its popularity.

The appeal of glass fencing is timeless complimenting every style of home and environment. It is particularly well suited to smaller areas, where it helps to create the feeling of space.

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