Brisbane Fencing Supplies is a specialist provider of a wide range of fencing supplies with the ability to deliver on any fencing requirements you may have. Regardless of the size of the project we are here to help. Renowned for the high quality product we produce at our state-of-the-art purpose built factory, using only Australian made quality raw materials and components, we are the number one choice for all your fencing supplies.

All our materials are guaranteed to meet Australian Standards, providing you with assurance and confidence in your supply source. As one of the few onsite manufacturers of quality fencing supplies in Australia, with the capability to deliver nation-wide, our customers have come to rely upon our expertise and ongoing industry knowledge as a specialist fencing supplies provider. We are able to provide any style and type of fencing that your project requires. Our highly trained and experienced staff is always willing to help and provide the highest standard of customer service, ensuring that we listen to and understand the needs and desires of our customers, confirming availability at the time of order. This guarantees prompt delivery of the correct materials and supplies.

Our Range of Fencing Options

By choosing Brisbane Fencing Supplies you are dealing with the best the industry has to offer. We are constantly seeking new way to improve our service and production capabilities, to ensure we continue to lead the fencing supplies industry by providing the best service and products available.

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Pool and Garden

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With one of the largest ranges of pool and garden fencing options available, you are assured of finding the style and design you are looking for at Brisbane Fencing supplies. We specialise in the supply of quality pool fencing which complies with all current Australian Standards and legislation.

By purchasing through an experienced and renowned supply company you are guaranteed that the fencing supplies you order will be of the highest quality and build. With a purpose built factory we are able to manufacture all our swimming pool and garden fencing supplies on-site. This gives customers the flexibility to order standard sizing or allow for custom and purpose built fencing and gates to suite any purpose, at a competitive price.

Aluminium tubular fencing is one of the most common pool fencing options and we are able to produce this in all your standard design configurations and colorbond colours. We achieve this by using only the highest quality power coating available, increasing the life expectancy and visual appeal of your fence. This provides you with design flexibility enabling you to match your fence to your house, and personal style. We manufacture all our fencing on-site, from the first cut through to finishing touches, guaranteeing you quality craftsmanship every time.

Garden fencing highlights street appeal and the value of your home. When replacing old fencing or installing new fencing you need consider the style and type of fence that will fulfil its practical and aesthetic purpose. Brisbane Fencing Supplies have the largest range of quality garden fencing available. Our, experienced staff are able to liaise with you on all your design, style and functionality needs and requirements, providing suitable options within your budgetary and design parameters.

Call Brisbane Fencing Supplies today and we will answer all your fencing queries in a no obligation consultation, confirming pricing, availability and delivery. By choosing to deal with Brisbane’s leading supplier you are guaranteed to receive only quality materials and customer service.

Timber Fencing

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As one of the largest suppliers of timber fencing Brisbane Fencing supplies is able to cater for all your needs and design options. Timber fencing is timeless and compliments any type of house, providing security and aesthetics. To increase your fences life expectancy all timber is CCA treated, protecting your investment from wood rot and natural boring insects such as termites, which are responsible for millions of dollars of damage nation-wide every year.

We carry all timber fencing stock on site and are able to delivery nation-wide. We can supply materials only for the DIY handyman, or arrange for installation of your fence, should this be a requirement. Brisbane Fencing Supplies are able to offer all our fencing products at affordable prices, backed up by supportive and experienced staff. You will be hard pressed to find a supplier with our experience, range of products and serviceability. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be only too happy to discuss your timber fencing needs and help with design options. We are able to supply the timber fencing materials required for any purpose or application, including palings, rails, sleepers and decking all at competitive prices.

Timber fencing does not need to be boring it can become a design feature in your garden and serve its practical purpose at the same time. At Brisbane Fencing Supplies we will work with you to obtain the design results you are looking for, ensuring that all aspects are considered and catered for. If you are searching for ornamental, picket, lapped, retaining walls or horizontal styles we can assist.

The versatility of manufacturing at our purpose built site enable us to design and construct custom gates to suite your particular purposes. We also carry a full range of standard gates sizes in a variety of design options.

Call Brisbane Fencing Supplies today for an obligation free quote on all your timber fencing needs. We are only limited by your design and innovation.

Industrial Fencing

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Industrial fencing serves primarily as a security fencing option to protect property. With advances in industrial fencing options you are able to obtain the security qualities of utilising steel, with aesthetically pleasing combinations. As suppliers and manufactures of all our fencing materials, Brisbane Fencing Supplies is able to manufacture a variety of industrial fencing options for any purpose. Typical applications for this style of fencing include protecting business, schools, clubs etc. Your fencing requirements can be custom made for you with a quick turnaround, guaranteeing prompt delivery of your security fencing requirements.

Industrial fencing options that Brisbane Fencing Supplies offers include;

Security/Barb wire fencing Sound-proof/noise barrier fencing Palisade fencing for security and looks Weldmesh fencing for performance and cost effective pricing

As a leading supplier of fencing materials our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that you get the protection you need with the style and designer options available, at an affordable price. We carry our full range of industrial fencing options at all times, ensuring that product can be supplied quickly.

Contact Brisbane Fencing Supplies to discuss your security fencing options today. We are here to help.

Colorbond Fencing

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Colorbond fencing is a great alternative for the individual or family who are looking for a stylish fencing option with minimum maintenance. Brisbane Fencing Supplies are leading suppliers and installers of colorbond fencing and we are able to provide you with all the materials necessary for a DYI project, or alternatively we can organise do the whole project for you, including supply and installation.

Designed and developed in Australia, colorbond fencing has fantastic safety and privacy properties. It features a 10 year warranty and comes in the full range of colorbond colours, allowing for any colour combinations in posts, rails and palings for creative flair. An added advantage is, due to the symmetrical profile it is attractive from both sides allowing neighbours to share in the beauty of this fencing option.

Made from steel with all the components already powder coated gives your new colorbond fence dual benefits, which include having a fence that is termite resistant and which will never have to be maintained or painted. Combine your new fence with a matching gate ensures that you get maximum benefits from the maintenance and aesthetic appeal of your fence. As prominent suppliers of colorbond fencing, Brisbane Fencing supplies are able to delivery your project requirements to your specifications allowing for custom design.

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Slat Fencing

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A contemporary fencing option ideally suited to any housing style. Slat fencing is a very easy DYI solution for the handyman and makes a statement with elegance. A typical application for slat fencing would be in the front yard. Aluminium slat fencing is perfect for a number of other applications, including screening, carports, dividing fence, separating locations with a garden or backyard and gates.

With a highly visual and aesthetic presence slat fencing will add to the street appeal of your house, whilst fulfilling privacy and security functions. Made from aluminium, slat fencing is corrosion proof making it a great low maintenance option, that compliments anywhere from the coast to the country. Your slat fencing can be further enhanced by pairing it up with a multitude of pillar systems depending on the look you are after, including brick pillars and can be made to any height dependent on the look and functional uses you are looking at.

As leading suppliers of fencing, Brisbane Fencing Supplies are able to delivery all your slat fencing needs by providing materials only for the DYI project or complete the entire job for you. Call us today to discuss your fencing needs. You will not be disappointed with the quality and price.

Entry Gates

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Gates are the entry point into your property and say a lot about you. They have multiple purposes which include enhancing your properties street appeal, be inviting and ultimately serve their functional and practical purpose of allowing you to pass from one side of a fence to another with ease.

As leading manufactures of gates, Brisbane Fencing Supplies are able to offer you the widest range of gates available, made from a variety of quality materials including, timber, aluminium, steel and glass. We are able to design a gate to suite any application and budget, including Manual Entry Gates, Automatic/Electric Gates, Pool Gates and other purposes for your home and driveway.

Our popular Automatic Gates are designed with function and flair, guaranteed to compliment and match your lifestyle requirements. Consult with one of our experienced designers on the span and height options available.

All our gates are manufactured at our purpose built factory in consultation with our seasoned engineers, using only the highest quality materials available. For inspiration or ideas, please visit our gallery of Timber Gates, Garden Gates, Aluminium Gates, Steel Gates, Sliding Gates, Automatic Gates, Pool Gates, Glass Gates and much more.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Automatic/Electric Gates in and around the Brisbane region and can customise an Automatic/Electric Gate to fit your driveway or entry. All our Automatic/Electric Gate systems include quality gate openers, electric gate motors and other essential elements for a completed job.

With the largest range of designs, colours and size options available we will match your budget plan and chosen preferences. Brisbane Fencing Supplies offers the most comprehensive gate solutions available, including our highly coveted Automatic/Electric Gate.

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Glass Fencing

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Glass fencing is fast becoming the most popular form of security and safety fencing around swimming pools. As a stylish and contemporary fencing solution you cannot beat glass. The applications are endless, in and around pools, balconies, balustrading and gates. We use only the highest quality latches, connections and other components giving you a finish that is sturdy and will last the test of time.

Glass fencing allows you uninterrupted views of your pool and beyond whilst still fulfilling all the requirements of Australian pool safety regulations. You can be assured that our fences will comply with any local council regulations.

Pool fencing comes in frameless and semi-framed design options, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your application and price. As the names indicate frameless is attached to the ground with stainless steel spigots and connections giving you a clear view of your pool or any other views. Semi-frameless has aluminium tubing between the panels of glass. This tubing can be powder coated in a variety of colours we have available. Once considered to be expensive, glass fencing has become more affordable due to its popularity.

The appeal of glass fencing is timeless complimenting every style of home and environment. It is particularly well suited to smaller areas, where it helps to create the feeling of space.

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Chainwire Fencing

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Chainwire fencing is an ideal low cost solution to a number of fencing solutions, most commonly installed and used for commercial applications where security is the primary focus. Examples of common uses include government/council facilities, sporting grounds, schools, tennis courts, cricket/baseball fields. Domestic applications are also common, including boundary fencing, dog kennels, aviaries and more.

The versatility and strength of chainwire fencing ensures that it will meet your requirements, allowing it to be customised to any situation. Our chainwire fencing or chain-link comes standard with long lasting materials such as galvanised steel posts, galvanised steel chainwire, black or green PVC cover chainwire, black or green powder coated posts, strong tire wire and other chainwire fence components. We stock a range of standard chainwire gates to match your needs, or alternatively we can custom build for those special requirements! It is the number one selected fencing solution chosen by government departments, sporting clubs, designers and more.

Sporting Complexes (Tennis Courts, Baseball field, Soccer field, Cricket field, Practice enclosures and more) Building Sites. Security Fencing (Barb wire, Razor, Spike wire and more) Government Facilities (We have fenced Airports, Depots and more) Storage Enclosures Tennis Courts Factory Enclosures Baseball Nets Limit Fencing

As a leading supplier of all your chainwire needs, Brisbane Fencing Supplies is only too happy to help you with answering any questions you may have. Call us today for a consultation with one of our experienced staff member and an obligation free quote on supply and/or installation.

Custom Fencing

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At Brisbane Fencing Supplies we have the expertise to help you in any design solution. Drawing from our in-depth experience in providing fencing supplies for a varied audience and style requirements, we can offer design and consult services to make certain the final product is to your satisfaction.

As we are the manufacturers and can complete your custom design onsite, your fencing supply requirements are made to order exactly according to your specific application.

Applications that require specific design may be raked panels, non standard gate sizing, stepped panels, automation and security intercoms etc. Some applications may be necessary for compliance with government legislation.

Contact us today for an obligation free quote. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, costs, expense and installation of our custom designed and produced fencing supplies.